Writing is the attempt at perfect communication. That’s the definition I have come up with, and of course it always fails–no good perfectionist (who tend to be the ones that try it) will ever totally approve of anyone else’s combination of words. But written communication seems to be our best–arguably, only–hope.  Language itself is a [...]

On … Superiority

Seems every wire and airwave in the country is filled with people passing judgment on other people.   You can lead people to Sunday School, but you can’t make it sink in…. You young people out there may be puzzled why oldsters pass opinions early and often on any subject that comes up.  I know I [...]

On … Sources

Following up on Logic… Not only is elementary propaganda as effective as ever on our population, we’re backsliding on our collective ability to weigh the relative merits of information.  Gossip, like other pathogens, thrives on human populations.  We all remember from elementary school how messages get twisted in a round of Gossip, the game; we’d [...]

On … Logic

Not a week passes that someone attempts to sway me to their cause with “logic.”  “Just look at the facts,” their argument begins.  Later comes the ol’ fall-back, “it’s common sense”–an ill-defined concept we all “know when we see”–like invoking “common” or “natural” law when the codified system isn’t working. Leaving aside the braying nabobs [...]

On … Compassion

A Bill Moyers Journal program on compassion coincided with random thoughts of my own.  I was wondering why I don’t see more evidence of us practicing the most basic of Sunday School lessons. Leaving aside the Golden Rule, in our “outta my way, I’m getting mine” weekday lives we seem to be ever quicker at [...]

On … Sarcasm

People with damage to the prefrontal cortex cannot understand sarcasm. Aha!  50% of the people I’ve ever talked to have brain damage!  They’re “humor-blind”! Evidence seems overwhelming that there are different basic brain types.  Many of us live in a world of black and white and two dimensions.  Others see multiple dimensions, multiple shades of [...]

On … Political Correctness

I guess I get confused easily.  One of many ways is when a good thing is made a pejorative–especially in an age when so many claim theology and ethics are their primary concern. It’s too late for “affirmative action.”  The term has been drug through the mud, rode hard, and put away wet so long [...]

On … DIY

A recent conversation on do-it-yourself projects impressed upon me how DIY is actually an ethic with many of us. At one time, we just assumed we would fix anything that went wrong with our property–in or out of the house–ourselves.  We would no more think of hiring people for repairs than flying to the moon. [...]

On … The Market

Periodically through U.S. history, those who believe in unfettered capitalism–the freest of “free marketeers”–convince the rest of us they have the answers.   We’ve been in such a period for some time now; it’s only natural a change should come.   While the resurgence of such a movement starts with some valid points, it seems [...]


This is my personal blog, in which my private rants and raves are potentially public. I have no illusions that more than a handful of people will see them, but I figured I might as well join the party. More than ever, any inference that the emperor has no clothes seems to incite the wrath [...]